Photo credit:  wales_gibbons / Foter / CC BY
Photo credit: wales_gibbons / Foter / CC BY

There’s nothing quite like falling to the Earth from the sky going at over 120 miles per hour after getting a good jump-off from the plane. Skydiving is an intense adrenaline rush that cannot be described. You can read a bunch of books on skydiving or watch videos. However, until you actually experience it for yourself and get the thrill, you will not know the truly amazing experience it brings you.

Since most of us are not professional skydivers, you have to make sure someone who is a certified skydiver guides you while falling to the face of the Earth. Some people believe you can just put on a parachute without the proper training or without guidance from a professional skydiver and assume that things will be fine. However, everyone who wants to go skydiving has to make sure they get the proper training and guidance before they attempt this dangerous sport.

So why do people want to skydive? Some reasons include the thrill and the once in a lifetime moment. Some people skydive to put it in their book of memories, for the opportunity to experience such an incredible event in their lives. Most people, when initially skydiving, ask themselves whether they are making a mistake. After all, primal instinct tells us not to jump off cliffs, buildings or planes. It takes a substantial leap of faith to put your life in the hands of your equipment and the guidance of another person.

According to statistics, less than 1% of the U.S. population has actually gone skydiving. Although we have incredible technology these days that mitigates the risk of skydiving, many people still consider it extremely dangerous. There have been many injuries and deaths in skydiving, mainly due to improper training or poor guidance from the certified skydiver. This emphasizes the importance of having thorough and correct training and preparation before attempting to skydive. It also shows the importance of the skydiver certification. This certification should be rigorous and only granted to those that have proven to be absolutely qualified, because they have the responsibility for the safety and lives of their clients.

Despite all the risks that come with skydiving, many consider it a unique experience unlike any other, which makes it well worth the risks. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or someone who values living life to the fullest before you go out, there are few thrills in life that can match that of skydiving.