Hunger Time

When we’re not exploring the world and new domains, we enjoy recharging and eating, and we like to eat a lot. We like to keep it simple when we eat out because time is valuable and spending an entire night out for just a meal isn’t the best use of our time. I have a lot of things to do before I die, so I need to get to work and not waste time. When it comes to fast food, Chipotle is hands down the best combination of ¬†for taste, quality, price and convenience. You can put Chipotle Tabasco sauce and sour cream on pretty much anything and it’ll taste good, but all the vegetable and meat ingredients make it taste even better. They have a way of searing chicken to make it smoky and pack that flavor.

deli sandwich

Another place that we love to frequent when we’re in the area is Manhattan Cafe, which has some great deli sandwiches and very good buffet options. Arlington VA can be very pricey, but this Arlington cafe has really good lunch and breakfast food for a great price. They’re also very quick so you can get what you want without much hassle. The good thing about Arlington is that it feels like the city but isn’t actually in DC. You can get by with the metro service here, but the metro fees can be pricey compared to other metro systems.

When it comes to desserts, we also like another favorite pick by Best DC Metro Food, Sweet Frog in Falls Church, which is a shop for frozen yogurt in VA. It seems like there are froyo joints popping up all over the place in that area, but we think this is the best based on taste of flavors and price. There really is nothing like froyo to satisfy the sweet tooth. It also has dairy and yogurt cultures so it doesn’t feel like you’re just pounding sugar into your system. There is some nutritional value so I don’t mind piling it up and gorging on it.

Our next favorite dessert would be the classic American chocolate chip cookie by Mrs. Fields. I haven’t seen many of these locations around anymore, but they used to be at many mall locations. I guess the old school cookie shop isn’t the fad anymore, with trendier dessert shops opening up everywhere and pushing out the more classic shops. But you can’t really beat their chocolate chips cookies when they’re baked hot, which are some of the most delicious and addicting cookies we’ve ever had.

Of course these aren’t the healthiest choices to eat all the time, but when you have the active lifestyle that we do, you need to get those calories in. I am a proponent of the healthy eating lifestyle, but when you’re active, playing sports, working, and jumping off of cliffs and out of planes, you can really work up an appetite and craving for your favorite eat out places and desserts. For us, food is another escape from life’s problems, similar to our other adrenaline pumping adventures.