Camping and Survival Tool Kit

camping and survival tool kit

Camping is one of our favorite outdoors activities, because it allows us to enjoy and absorb the peaceful environment of nature. However, no matter how peaceful and relaxing nature can be, the wilderness also has an extremely harsh and unforgiving side, so you must always be prepared to handle all scenarios when adventuring into the depths of the wild.

The first thing to consider is to be fully prepared by gearing up. The trick is to make sure that you have all the essential equipment, while keeping your pack as light as possible, because nobody wants to be hauling massive amounts of gear around the wilderness for days. Some of the essential items to consider are: Tent equipment and sleeping bags, fire starting tools, canteens, food and cooking equipment, flashlights, rope, and an emergency survival tool kit.

When going out in the wild, also make sure to have an emergency contingency plan if things go terribly wrong, such as having a contact in civilization who must receive regular and daily communication from you, and if they don’t, they should assume that you are in danger. Also making sure to have a fully charged cell phone or satellite phone with you at all times is crucial. Another consideration is protection. You want to have some kind of protection against wild animals, which can be bear spray or even a firearm if necessary.

When setting up camp, make sure to find a place with level ground and a location near running water and ample firewood. Also remember to never leave food in the tent, as you don’t want wild animals invading the tent.

There are three components for building a fire, which are tinder, kindling and firewood. Tinder is used to start burning the fire, and you should lightly blow at the base of the fire to provide oxygen for it to intensify. Once the fire gets going, you can add kindling and firewood to really build it up. It is recommended to always pack some kind of fire starter. We recommend having at least a lighter, matches, and a waterproof version such as a solar fire starter, because if the other ones get wet, you can always rely on the waterproof one.

Camping is definitely a great outdoors experience that allows you to get away from the superficial problems of civilization and society. But like anything else, there are risks involved that must be fully accounted for. These risks can be mitigated with proper gear, a plan of attack, and a good awareness of surroundings.

Sitting Is Hazardous To Your Health!

sitting bad for health

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for your health and can result in serious health problems. However, many people don’t know that the simple activity of sitting can also be hazardous to your health. This may be surprising to many people, but it is one of those unfortunate realities that we must all be aware of.

In fact, scientific studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time can actually result in higher risk for certain types of cancer and even disability later in life. Even more shocking, these studies have shown that even exercising after sitting for long periods of time cannot offset the damage from sitting too much. This is one of those findings that will be very disappointing to many of those people that think they can do whatever they want and make up for it later in life with a little exercise and eating better.

One way to counter the health risks of sitting too much is to take frequent breaks to stand up and move around. Although this seems like a minor inconvenience to many people who spend most of the day off their feet, it is a vital precaution for maintaining long term health. Another great thing to do is just dedicate yourself to living an active lifestyle. Not only will you be healthier, you will great too!

So the next time you find yourself in a marathon session sitting in a chair or on the couch, remember to get up and move once in a while. Your body will thank you!