BASE Jumping Dangerous

base jumping dangerousMost people do not even know what a BASE jump is. BASE is an acronym for Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges), and Earth. BASE Jumping is jumping off of low altitudes with a parachute, with zero room for mistakes. BASE Jumping ends in a lot of fatalities across the globe. In many places, BASE jumping is actually illegal because in most people’s eyes, the risk is not worth the reward.

So why do people BASE jump? Most of the people who do BASE jumping are actually certified professionals. Even then, it is still very risky. There is little to no room while BASE jumping. One tiny mistake and your life is in jeopardy. People also do this for the thrill because skydiving is not enough for them. Skydiving usually starts at 10,000 feet or higher. BASE jumping is usually 2,000 feet or lower. That alone tells you the risks involved while base jumping. Believe it or not, some BASE jumpers start below 300 feet while free falling. Crazy isn’t it? Those types of BASE jumpers use static lines to deploy the chute automatically.

The position the body is in happens to be very important while BASE jumping. Keeping the body oriented and facing down is extremely important while BASE jumping. On very small jumps, jumpers use tracking to direct the body properly while falling to the ground. If you are positioned feet first, for example when people are standing up, that spells disaster.

In order for BASE jumpers to actually enjoy the experience, they must go on 10 jumps or more to actually start enjoying the experience. Initially, through the first few jumps, BASE jumpers will experience pain and difficulty rather than enjoyment. Is it really worth going on that many BASE jumps just to start enjoying it? Conventional wisdom would tell you no. But there are plenty of people out there still wanting to do it.

The people that do BASE jumps quite often are living their dreams. Most of them, after finishing BASE jumping, are full of excitement, and the release of their tension prevents them from being able to express their opinion. They are usually speechless after finishing a BASE jump. The pulse of BASE jumpers also goes through the roof. Right before doing the jump and after it is complete, BASE jumpers experience an extreme pulse due to the excitement. Their heart rates are through the roof.

BASE jumpers, at times, have a lot of fear right before BASE jumping. That can be a problem. For the slightest second, if a BASE jumper has any sort of hesitation, it can result in death.

BOTTOM LINE: BASE jumping is very dangerous. That is the main reason it is illegal in many places across the world. Even first time BASE jumpers do not have a thrill of fun, but instead experience problems. There are many ways BASE jumping can lead to a person’s death. In the end, it may not be worth it.