Eliminate Blood Clots With Nattokinase

Many people who want to thin their blood or prevent blood clots take a baby aspirin daily. However the research is not conclusive that aspirin provides a reduction of heart attacks. Unfortunately according to the American heart Journal, daily aspirin increases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, and is generally ineffective with heart failure. Fortunately, nature has given us a safe and effective way to eliminate blood clots.

Nattokinase is derived from a Japanese cheese-like food referred to as Natto. Beneficial bacteria is added to the boiled soybeans and the result is great Nattokinase, an enzyme that dissolves blood clots, and prevents their formation. Numerous clinical trials have proven that Nattokinase is safe and effective in dissolving blood clots in a short period of time.

The history of Natto is quite interesting. The medicinal effects of Natto was discovered in Japan between 794 to 1191 AD. Samurai warriors enjoyed Natto for its distinctive flavor as well as boosting general health and strength. As time passed, natto became a folk remedy in Japan for poor circulation. Best Nattokinase works well.

Nattokinase has only been used in the United States for a brief period of time. But in Japan, it is the go to medicine for eliminating blood clots. The only precaution that I am aware of is that Nattokinase should not be taken with blood thinners. It is wise to discuss your medical history with your health practitioner before beginning any supplement.


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